2015 BGA awards


Congratulations to the following people who were awarded at the BGA 2015 meeting!

  • Rowe Award:  Megan Flom 
  • Thompson Award: Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne
  • Fuller-Scott Award: Paige Harden and Elliott Tucker-Drobb
  • Fulker Award: Lindon Eaves
  • Dobzhansky Award: Hill Goldsmith
  • FABBS Early Career Award: Brian d’Onofrio
  • Shields Award: Juko Ando

BGA annual meeting 2015


2015 BGA Annual Meeting, San Diego, California SanDiego_I

The 2015 BGA meeting took place June 17-20 at the Omni Hotel in San Diego. Local hosts:  Bill Kremen and Carol Franz

Find here the 2015 program.

Some highlights:

Clinical Genomics Scientist, AncestryHealth, San Francisco CA (USA)

AncestryHealth (www.AncestryHealth.com) is seeking a motivated, collaborative and talented computational biologist with experience in the analysis of clinical and genomic data.  Working with a nimble team of geneticists, statisticians, computer scientists and epidemiologists, the Clinical Genomics Scientist will invent algorithms and methods to interpret our singular data set of genotypes, pedigrees and phenotypes.  We are seeking applicants who are eager to develop novel ways to extract actionable and accurate clinical genomics discoveries for consumers.

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Epidemiologist, AncestryHealth, San Francisco CA (USA)

AncestryHealth (www.AncestryHealth.com) is seeking a self-starting scientist to define and build a corpus of clinical data that will maximize the value of our genomics, pedigree and self-reported phenotype data.  Working with a nimble team of geneticists, statisticians, computer scientists and clinical genomics specialists, the Epidemiologist will create consumer-facing health reports and help design data collection protocols that will maximize the research value of our data now and in the future.  We are looking for a collaborative, visionary and dedicated individual eager to create novel resources for clinical and public health research.

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Research Project Manager (USA)

Under general supervision, incumbent will serve as Project Manager for the Vietnam Era Twin Studies of Aging (VETSA) longitudinal research projects on cognitive and brain aging funded by the National Institute on Aging.  Over 600 participants will be flown in from across the United States and undergo approximately 8 hours of assessment followed by a structural MRI.  Primary duties include overall project management, assessments with a day-long cognitive/neuropsychological battery; scoring interviews and cognitive tests by standardized protocols.

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