Tenure Track Assistant Professorship, Colorado (USA)

Tenure Track Assistant Professorship, Institute for Behavioral Genetics

 The Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado Boulder, invites applications for a tenure track Assistant Professorship with an academic appointment in one of the following departments: Psychology and Neuroscience, Integrative Physiology, Computer Science, or Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. We anticipate that the appointment will begin August 2015.

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Tenure-track position in Clinical Psychology, Purdue University

The Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Clinical Psychology at the Assistant Professor level beginning in the Fall of 2015. The Clinical Program at Purdue University has been continuously accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1948 and, consistent with its clinical science orientation, is a member of the PCSAS Founders’ Circle.

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Postdoctoral fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison

WisconsinPostdoctoral Fellowship in the Training Program in Emotion Research

The Training Program in Emotion Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will have two, 3-year postdoctoral fellowship positions starting in Fall 2015. Our program is focused on four areas of current emotion research: Personality, temperament and individual differences (lifespan developmental, genetic, cognitive and biological approaches); Affective neuroscience; Emotions and health; and Emotion and psychopathology.

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Clinical Psychology – Tenure Track at California State University

Clinical Psychology – Tenure Track at the Department of Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department of Psychology at California State University, Fullerton, invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Clinical Psychology. The position begins in August 2015. This position is for a clinical psychologist; specialty area is open. Applicants with a strong quantitative background are desired. The individual in this position will teach graduate level classes in the scientist-practitioner Master of Science program, undergraduate and graduate statistics courses, as well as other undergraduate and graduate level courses in his or her area of expertise. The individual will supervise students in research activities, including undergraduate projects and master’s theses.

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PhD student in genetic epidemiology (Norway)

NorwayPhD Student in genetic epidemiology: intergenerational transmission of risk for common mental disorders

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) announces an open PhD student position for three years at the Division of Mental Health; Department of Genetics, Environment and Mental Health. The position is funded by the Research Council of Norway through the project “Intergenerational Transmission of Risk for Common Mental Disorders: A Longitudinal Extended Children-of-Twins Cohort Study”.

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Postdoctoral Position, Interplay of aging, University of California


A post-doctoral position is available on an NIA-funded project on gene-environment interplay of social contexts and aging outcomes at the University of California – Riverside (UCR). This project includes data on multiple longitudinal twin studies of aging, including measured environments and GWAS data.

The focus of the UCR site is on longitudinal methods and models of gene-environment interplay. This position is ideal for highly motivated individuals with an interest in working with a multidisciplinary and international group of collaborators. Qualifications include a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Psychology or another relevant field (genetics, bioinformatics, or statistics) and a strong background in behavioral genetics and statistics. Preference will be given to qualified applicants with skills in large database management and statistical programming. The position is available immediately and review will continue until the position is filled. Applicants should send a cover letter and CV and also arrange for 3 letters of recommendation to be sent directly to Dr. Chandra Reynolds.

Special Issue of Behavior Genetics on Genetically Informed Approaches to the Study of the Prenatal Environment

pregnancyCALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue of Behavior Genetics on Genetically Informed Approaches to the Study of the Prenatal Environment

Editors: Valerie S Knopik & Jenae M Neiderhiser


Important Dates

Abstract deadline:  November 1, 2014; Full article submission deadline: April 1, 2015


The role of the prenatal environment has increasingly become the focus of much research both from a phenotypic as well as a genetic perspective. The phenotypic literature has found evidence for long-lasting effects of adverse prenatal environments across the lifespan; however, genetically informed studies suggest that these effects are due to genetic and/or other (postnatal) unmeasured environmental influences. Distinguishing among genetic, prenatal environmental and postnatal environmental influences is critical for understanding the underlying mechanisms of a wide variety of behavioral, cognitive and health outcomes throughout the lifespan.

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