Current Meeting: 2021

2021: The 51st Behavior Genetics Association Meeting

The BGA 2021 annual meeting will be held online.

Date of the online conference: June 29th

Format: 24h conference with ‘local hosts’ in the US, Europe, and Australia. The conference began in Brisbane, Australia, on Tuesday, June 29 at 9:00 A.M. (Brisbane time) which is Monday, June 28, midnight in London and Monday, June 28, 7:00 P.M. in New York. Click HERE to see what time the conference starts in your timezone.

Please click HERE to view the online program. The program contains titles, authors, links to abstracts, and the times of presentation in three timezones for your reference. Links to author emails can be found in the abstracts for oral presentations. For the poster sessions, links to view the posters (password protected, password provided to registered participants), to the abstracts, and to presenter emails for offline discussion are provided.

Cost of Registration: Like our 2020 meeting, registration will be by donation only. We suggest $24 – one for each hour of the conference! Click HERE to register!

It is very important to have as many registered members as possible attend the business meeting which must be held at a common time. The business meeting will occur during the conference. Click HERE to see what time the Business meeting starts in your timezone.

Presentation Formats:

The two presentation formats for this meeting will be an oral presentation and poster. Presentations and poster sessions have been arranged taking time zones into account.

  • Oral presentations will be delivered live via zoom (and recorded).
  • ‘Posters’ will be formatted as pre-recorded mini presentations (maximum of 5 slides and 5 minutes narrative). Poster presenters will also be asked to join a live poster session on the conference day to discuss their work and answer questions from attendees.

Are you a presenter? Please click HERE for detailed presenter instructions and etiquette. Please click HERE for instructions on how to make and upload a poster talk.

We envision this conference to be a safe and respectful space. All attendees, please click here for detailed attendee instructions and etiquette. In brief:

  • You will be muted automatically – raise your hand to be unmuted by a moderator in order to ask a question. Please be respectful when asking questions.
  • You may turn on your webcam, but we will not allow virtual backgrounds to preserve bandwidth. If you turn on your webcam, please be aware of what is behind you, and what you are wearing. Remember, conference proceedings are being recorded and will be made public.
  • You will not be able to chat to other attendees, but if there is a problem please chat or email