International Symposium in Synthetic Biology and Biodesign

Bristol Biodesign 2020 
A one-day international symposium in synthetic biology and biodesign
6th of May 2020
School of Chemistry, University of Bristol
Abstract submissions due March 6, 2020

Guest speakers: 
Emmanuel Levy, Weizmann Institute
Christine Oregno, UCL
Anne Osbourne, JIC
Andreas Pluckthun, Zurich
Bristol speakers: 
Ross Anderson, Functional protein design
Mark Dodding, Motors, microtubules and organelle dynamics
Dave Glowacki, VR for molecular dynamics simulations
Claire Grierson, Minimal genomes
Poster prizes for best poster, runner up, and more
Poster abstract deadline: 6 March 2020
Registration fee: £30.00
Registration deadline: 24 April 2020