Post-doc, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota (USA)

Dr. Scott Vrieze in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota is seeking to hire a postdoctoral researcher to conduct genetic studies of addiction and psychopathology. The research program is focused on genetic and environmental etiology of substance use and addiction, employing genome-wide association meta-analyses of substance use and addiction, as well as rare variant association studies using deep whole genome sequencing.

The postdoctoral researcher will work within the historic Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research, which also directs multiple longitudinal studies of twins and adoptees. Faculty, postdocs, and students within the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research collaborate closely with behavioral, medical, and statistical geneticists within the University. The University of Minnesota is a major center of behavioral genetic and biomedical research in Minneapolis, MN, a cosmopolitan city of ~3 million individuals.


Please follow the following link for information on required qualifications and how to apply: