Post-doc, Florida State University (USA)

Drs. Sara Hart and Callie Little at the Department of Psychology and the Florida Center for Reading Research at Florida State University are seeking a post-doctoral research associate to work on a new NIH-funded project dedicated to investigating the mechanisms through which COVID-19 has impacted children’s reading skills.

The postdoc position is an opportunity to work with the geographically diverse, national NatPAT twin project to engage in advanced causally sensitive risk-resilience modeling, including genetically sensitive analyses and longitudinal mediation models. This job will also provide the opportunity to develop skills in geospatial analyses using geographic information systems (GIS) software. So, if you are keen to gain a lot of experience in quasi-experimental methodology, integrating multiple data sources, and of course, publishing manuscripts – then come work with us!

Candidates with a Ph.D. in developmental psychology, education sciences, economics, or related field will be an excellent fit. A background in quantitative genetics and/or longitudinal modeling is preferred. Experience with GIS is preferential, but not required. The position will provide training and experience in GIS modeling as well as advanced statistical methods. Start date is expected to be August 15th, 2022. Salary is set at the NIH-levels and benefits are set by our university. Our lab provides a fun and engaging research environment, and the position also includes funding for travel and training opportunities. International candidates will be considered and supported. To apply, go to and look for job ID 51705. Closing date of ad is June 7, 2022. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Hart (, @saraannhart) or Dr. Little (, @cignae) via email or Twitter if you have any questions.