Postdoc, VU University, Amsterdam

The postdoctoral position is part of a multi-year NWO Vidi grant at the VU Amsterdam, led by Dr. Titus Galama. The project is in the interdisciplinary and rapidly developing area of social-science genetics (genoeconomics). The project seeks to quantify the extent to which environments protect against the genetic risk for unhealthy behaviors and for poor human-capital outcomes (education, cognition, etc).

Recent advances in genetics and the recent collection of genetic data in several large social-science datasets with extensive measures of environment over the lifecycle make this research now possible. Rapidly increasing power of genetic prediction allows one to study how critical stages of life (e.g., early childhood) and critical environments influence genetic risk (with particular attention being paid to environmental causation).

Depending on qualifications, the postdoc will lead statistical genetic, social-science genetic, and/or econometric causal inference analyses in collaboration with scholars in the Netherlands and US.  The ideal candidate has expertise in either 1) statistical genetics / social-science genetics or 2) econometric causal inference analyses.

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