Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil)

The Human Ethology Lab at the Department of Experimental Psychology of the Institute of Psychology – University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil) is seeking candidates interested in conducting research on the behavior of monozygotic and dyzigotic twins.

The selected candidate for an investigator-funded Postdoctoral Fellowship will work primarily on a FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) funded study comparing the resemblance between monozygotic and dizygotic twins in personality traits and nonverbal communication, among other issues. This Project will use ethological behavioral research methods. The successful candidate will be expected to use video analysis softwares in behavior observation research; to evaluate data-based inferences; and to help in the preparation of manuscripts.

This study is incorporated in the activities of the Center for Applied Research in Well-Being and Human Behavior (funded by a FAPESP-Natura joint call). This center is a joint-venture integrating the University of Sao Paulo, Federal University of Sao Paulo, and Mackenzie Presbyterian University. All activities of this Postdoctoral Fellowship will be supervised by Professor Emma Otta (PI in this Center and Director of the Center for Applied Research in Well-Being and Human Behavior).

The selected candidate will profit from being involved in the research activities of a highly innovative Center, as well as from benefits which include a competitive monthly stipend, research contingency funds (15% of the yearly stipend) as well as displacement funding, if necessary (for more information on FAPESP Post-Doctoral Fellowships, visit The candidate should have completed his/her PhD in an area related to the study. Fluency in English is mandatory.

Applications should be sent by email to and to, and should include a cover letter detailing research motivation, a curriculum vitae and the contact details of potential references.

The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. The starting date is flexible, starting from May 2017.