Summer Course: Nature and Nurture (Amsterdam)

The Netherlands Twin Register & the Department of Biological Psychology are hosting their third summer course: Nature and Nurture: Twin Research and Human Genetics. This interdisciplinary course puts you at the forefront of exciting developments in twin research and human genetics. You focus on twins to explore the interplay of genes and environment in determining behaviour, lifestyle and health. Uniquely, you gain hands-on access to datasets from the world-renowned Netherlands Twin Register at VU Amsterdam – one of the largest longitudinal databases of its kind (Click here for more details).

Your tutors are scientists closely associated with this core asset, the people who collect the information and work with it on a daily basis to unravel the genetic etiology of complex human traits. They train you in working with twin data and information from genomics and epigenetics. You learn how to assess behaviour and health, apply classical twin modeling and to use molecular data to better understand the path from genetics to medicine. We also cover the theoretical and philosophical background to help you interpret genetic studies, understand effective methods and designs and increase your understanding of complex human traits. All students and professionals interested in the rapidly evolving field of human genetics are invited to join.
Some scholarships are available (click here).