Workshop on Social Science Genomics, Santa Barbara (USA)

Applications are open for a workshop on Social Science Genomics, sponsored by Russell Sage Foundation Summer Institute:

Applications are open for a 2-week workshop this June in Santa Barbara, California.

The workshop introduces grad students and beginning faculty to the analysis of genomic data in social science research.

This includes interpretation and estimation of heritability; the biology of genetic inheritance, gene expression, and epigenetics; design and analysis of genetic-association studies; best practices for conducting well-powered, replicable genetics research; analysis of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions; estimation and use of polygenic scores; as well as applications of genomic data in the social sciences.

Principal faculty are Daniel Benjamin (USC) and David Cesarini (NYU), who will be in attendance for the full program. Visiting faculty include Dalton Conley (NYU), Tõnu Esko (University of Tartu and Harvard-MIT Broad Institute), James Lee (University of Minnesota), Michelle Meyer (Geisinger Health System), Aysu Okbay (Vrije University Amsterdam), and Patrick Turley (Harvard-MIT Broad Institute).

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