Executive Committee

Past President

The past BGA President is Greg Carey.


The current BGA President is Lisabeth DiLalla.


The Association each year elects a President-Elect, who serves as Program Chair, for one year, and then becomes Association President. Valerie Knopik is President-Elect.


The Association Secretary is a principal coordinating officer for Association activities. Contact the secretary for general information about the Association such as committee structure, information about future meeting sites, offers to host meetings, suggestions for meeting agenda, etc. The office of the secretary publishes the program for the annual meeting. The BGA Secretary is Sarah Medland.


Besides handling Association dues and other financial transactions, the Association Treasurer handles application for membership, and maintains both the membership address list and the mailing list for the journal Behavior Genetics. Send your Change of Address for both the Association records and this journal subscription to the treasurer, not to the publishers. The BGA Treasurer is Jaime Derringer.

 Information officer

The Information Officer institutes the maintenance and upgrading of the Association website, in close collaboration with the Secretary and Treasurer. Information regarding the annual meeting, relevant courses, job vacancies, event announcements and so forth can be sent to the Information Officer. The information officer is Christopher Beam.


The Executive Committee of the Association also includes three elected Members-at-Large. One represents the general membership, one represents Associate Members, and one represents Members from outside North America. For continuity, one is elected each year. The current Members-at-Large include:

Abdel Abdellaoui (Associate Members)

Elisabeth Hahn (members outside North America)

Paige Harden (Regular Members)

IDEA Committee

The IDEA Committee includes three elected Members. The current members are Sara Hart (chair), Kit Elam, and Deborah Finkel.