BGA 2022 COVID-19 Related Information

We are looking forward to seeing you all next week!

We are encouraging all attendees to wear masks during the conference. We do not expect speakers to wear masks during their presentations, and of course masks will come off during eating and drinking (during breaks, lunch, and the dinner banquet). Please be aware of this and feel free to avoid situations that make you uncomfortable.

We will follow requirements put in place by the LA health department. You can stay up to date on these requirements here: and here:

Masks are currently required on public transportation. It is possible that LA will adopt a mask requirement during the conference and some businesses in LA may require masks so we would advise everyone to make sure they bring masks and proof of vaccination with them to the meeting.

We also ask that you please maintain safety with social distancing and be respectful of others. For indicating level of comfort with distance/contact, we’ll have traffic light color-coded lanyards (green, yellow, red) for people to select when they pick up their badges. Red will indicate that the person is opting for no contact and requests more distance. Green indicates that the person is comfortable with less distance. Yellow will indicate that you should ask before standing close in conversation.

Finally, please self-monitor and do not attend the conference if you are experiencing COVID symptoms, including sore throat, fever, body ache, etc.
If you need to obtain a COVID test during the meeting you can find information on testing locations here:

Thank you for your consideration of others! We look forward to a safe and exhilarating conference!