BGA annual meeting 2015: Abstract submission

Any regular or associate member of the Behavior Genetics Association is entitled to submit one paper for oral presentation at the annual meeting, to appear as a junior author on others (number unrestricted), and to offer an unrestricted number of papers for poster presentation only.  With the exception of symposia or workshop appearances, a member may be first author on only one paper given orally. First authors should present all oral papers. The Program Committee may invite distinguished non-members to take part in symposia or to give papers or special lectures. Except by invitation, a paper previously published or read at another professional meeting may not be presented unless it is a substantial elaboration of the earlier report.

The Program Committee will try to meet requests for either oral or poster presentation format, but final decisions will depend on scheduling constraints.  Contributors to poster sessions should plan to be in attendance at a scheduled time for discussion with viewers.  Papers to be read aloud in topical sessions will generally be limited to 15 minutes, including questions.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION deadline has been extended to March 25, 2015:

Abstracts are to be submitted online via the Conference Maker which is a web-based program for organizing international conferences. Each abstract is limited to 300 words, including citations. Please note that citations must be given for references cited in the abstract. You will receive an automatic email acknowledgement upon completing your submission.  Notification of the acceptance of your abstract and assignment to a paper or poster session will be made at a later time.   

To submit an abstract, visit the following website which takes you to a login page for the 45th Annual Meeting of the Behavior Genetics Association.

You will first need to register and set up a login name and password. If you have participated in a prior BGA meeting, you may use the same login name and password to access the website. Enter your login name and password to enter.  Click on “Make a Submission” on the left sidebar.  Guidelines for the required fields are provided on the next page.

SYMPOSIUM SUBMISSION deadline March 25, 2015: 

  1. Submit abstracts for each contributed paper on-line to Conference Maker, indicating the two questions (a) TYPE OF PRESENTATION and (b) CATEGORY OF PRESENTATION as a “Symposium”.
  2. AND submit a summary of the symposium (300 words maximum) by email to Jaakko Kaprio including a list of the submitted abstracts.

GUIDELINES Conference Maker:

USER ID:  The login name you created. jpheg

PAPER TITLE: Drug and alcohol consumption in 5 million twin pairs

AUTHORS, AFFILIATIONS (note that this is updated from previous years!):  Use last name, first name followed a semi-colon (;) then list affiliation.  List each author/affiliation on a separate line.


Hegmann, Joseph; Department of Zoology, University of Iowa, Iowa City IA

DeFries, J.C.; Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado, Boulder CO  80309

AREA:  Ignore this box

KEYWORDS:  Provide 3-5 terms which may be used to help assign your abstract to a paper or poster session (e.g., methods, substance use, psychopathology, childhood disorders, learning, candidate genes, etc.).                        .

ABSTRACT: Type the full abstract in this section. It should not exceed 300 words, including references. Be sure to include full citations (with the exception of the title of the article) for any references, using the format shown in the illustrative abstract below. (Citations are required by the publisher of Behavior Genetics.)

As seen previously in our 30-generation selection study of open field activity (J. C. DeFries, M. C. Gervais, and E. A. Thomas, 1978, Behav. Genet8, 3-13), ¼¼ supporting Fulker’s hypothesis (D. W. Fulker, 1978, in J. R. Royce and L. P. Mos, eds., Theoretical Advances in Behavioral Genetics, Sijthoff & Noordhoff, Alpen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands).

TYPE OF SUBMISSION: Enter preferred format of presentation.  (please do the same for CATEGORY OF SUBMISSION field)

Oral Presentation“, “Poster Presentation” or “Symposium“.

MEMBER STATUS: Membership status of the first author:

 ”Regular”“Associate”, “Retired”, or”Non-member”

SPONSOR:  Sponsor name of member for presentation by a non-member.  Sponsor may be a co-author, but this is not required.  Complete this field only if the first author is a non-member.                        .

ELIGIBLE FOR (STUDENT) THOMPSON AWARD for Oral Presentations?: Yes or No

ELIGIBLE FOR (STUDENT) ROWE AWARD for Poster Presentations?: Yes or No

GRANT SUPPORT:  List any grant support or other acknowledgements in this field. Enter each source on a separate line.

Supported by NIH Grant GM-12486

Ignore remaining fields (JEL codes, paper upload, privacy setting).