Doctoral student and Post-doc, University of Helsinki (Finland)

We invite applications for a four-year (doctoral students) and a two-year (postdoctoral researcher) full-time positions starting 13 September 2021 (or as agreed). The appointees will work at the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy (KRIMO) in the research group of associate professor Antti Latvala. Latvala’s research utilizes nationwide register data from Finland and Sweden and family-based, genetically informed research designs, as well as other quasi-experimental methods to study criminality, mental health, and related factors. The appointees will contribute to a beginning project examining effects of parental incarceration on offspring mental health, criminality and developmental outcomes, or other criminality-related register-based research projects. The project may include collaboration with researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

The duties of the doctoral candidate are to work on his/her doctoral thesis and to complete his/her postgraduate studies. The position of a postdoctoral researcher is typically held for three to five years after the completion of a doctoral degree. The aim of the position is to encourage the appointee to further their skills and gain more experience to prepare them for an academic career. In both positions, besides research, the duties also include teaching and other tasks. Teaching tasks can account for up to 5% of the annual working time and take place in the context of the Bachelor and Master’s programs in Social Research, Faculty of Social Sciences. Other tasks may include contributing to ongoing projects in the research group as well as preparing grant applications.

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For further information about the positions and the research projects, please contact associate professor Antti Latvala (,