Post-doc, Emory University Department of Psychology (USA)

Behavioral Genetics of Addiction Laboratory

Emory University, Department of Psychology

I am seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join my lab ( in the Department of Psychology at Emory University. My research examines the role of genomic variants and gene networks in the onset and persistence of drug and alcohol use and disorders, as well as other associated behaviors and/or endophenotypes.

This post-doctoral position will focus on translating genetic findings for generalized substance use and disorders into a predictive toolset that can inform future research and intervention/prevention programs.Candidates with interest in integrating multiple-omics data (DNA, RNA, microRNA, Methylation, Proteomics data) and/or endophenotypes into predictive models are encouraged to apply.

The lab also works on longitudinal studies that examine the development of addictive behaviors in the context of personality and cognitive differences, as well as, a number of familial and individual-level demographic characteristics.

Candidates with a PhD or expecting a PhD (by Summer 2019) are encouraged to apply. Strong candidates will have a track record of experience in Behavior Genetics, Statistics/Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Quantitative Psychology, or other relevant discipline with a strong quantitative research background. Individuals with extensive (2+ years) experience in GWAS and/or Gene Expression analysis are also encouraged to apply. Proficiency in one or multiple of the popular programming languages, e.g., C++,  Python, Perl, R; experience working with large genetics data and high-performance clusters are desirable.

Please send me a curriculum vitae and contact information for references by applying at You can also send the information to me directly at

Applications will be reviewed immediately after submission.