Post-doc, King’s College London (UK)

New 4-year post-doc role on the Twins Early Development Study. Start date any time September 2021-January 2022. We are looking for an enthusiastic postgraduate with a PhD in psychology, neuroscience, life sciences, genetics, epidemiology or a related subject. The successful applicant will work as a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Prof Thalia Eley in the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) Centre and will be a member of her Emotional Development, Intervention and Treatment (EDIT) Lab. The post is part of a 5-year MRC-funded project led by Prof Eley, focussed on understanding genetic and environmental influences on the development and intergenerational transmission of anxiety and depression.

The EDIT Lab strives to be a diverse research environment that is open, welcoming and supportive to all. Faculty-wide initiatives are supported by an active Diversity & Inclusion Team. The EDIT Lab is currently predominately women from white backgrounds. To ensure that we are the diverse team we strive to be, we particularly welcome applications from men and individuals from all any other race or ethnicity background (E.g. Black, Asian, Latinx). Please see the Group Culture tab for more information on this.

The post-holder will work with data from the Twins Early Development Study (TEDS), which has followed thousands of twin pairs since birth, tracking their emotional, cognitive and behavioural development. This summer we are launching a major mental health assessment as the twins reach their late twenties. We are also engaged in a challenging new effort linking the twins’ medical records to the information we already hold on them. You will lead analyses of the data resulting from these activities.

If successful, you will actively develop hypotheses, conduct genetic and genomic analyses and write up findings for publication. You will have the opportunity to attend relevant international meetings such as the Behavior Genetics Association and World Congress in Psychiatric Genetics.

The EDIT Lab members believe in Open and Reproducible Science. All papers are pre-registered on the Open Science Framework.

To apply/read more details see here.

Any questions, email Thalia on