Three Tenured Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Assistant/Associate Professor) positions, University of Edinburgh, (Scotland, UK)

The Department of Psychology at University of Edinburgh is making five new hires, three of which are open field and would suit individuals in the Behavior Genetics community. The appointments are all permanent, with appointment as lecturer/senior lecturer level in the first instance. See below for a description of the department and links to the job ads.

The department has great resources in genetics (especially lifespan development, intelligence, and health), colleagues in behavior genetics already in post (Michelle Luciano, Tim Bates, Alex Weiss, Ian Deary, Wendy Johnson) with more strength again in personality and individual differences (Rene Mottus, Tom Booth, Aja Murray), and several more post-docs, brain imagers.

We have close links to the medical school, especially Psychiatry (lots of PGC work, esp. in Depression) and strong local genotyped samples (Lothian Birth Cohort, Generation Scotland). And of course a fabulous biology department (From before Falconer to Visscher and Wray :-) )

The University placed 20th in the World in the 2020 QS University Rankings. UK research funding is strong and set to grow, and you have direct access to major UK resources (UKBB, several genotyped national cohorts, etc.)

Edinburgh’s a great place to work, and to live: Natural, historic, modern with the parliament, banks, and university), cultured with multiple world-scale festivals each year and safe while remaining fun.

It’s also extremely well connected in terms of trains and flights.

Definitely check it out, and feel free to contact anyone in the department about how you might fit in!