Become a Member

To become a member, please fill out the application below. All applicants must list a current BGA member as a sponsor on their application. Applications are reviewed and approved by the BGA Membership Chair, Julie Grant.


We offer several different BGA memberships and membership plans to fit the needs of our members (see categories below). Please note that New Regular Members pay $100, and New Associate and Emeritus Members pay $50, for the first year, regardless of when they join. After that year, they will pay the membership rates that are listed below.

All new and renewing members receive:

  1. Discounted registration rates at the BGA Annual Meetings;
  2. Access to the BGA membership roster;
  3. On-line access to the journal Behavior Genetics;
  4. The option to pay a $30 supplement to receive hard copies of Behavior Genetics.

Regular Members and Emeritus Members have the option to sign up for the auto-renew feature for membership renewals and dues. This feature is free to members and locks in a discounted dues rate ($100 for Regular Members; $50 for Emeritus members) for each year that the auto-renew is in place. With this membership feature, BGA membership dues are automatically renewed on the date that dues were originally paid. The credit card on file in PayPal is charged, and an email is sent to the member notifying him/her of the automatic dues renewal. Please note that this feature is not available to our Associate Members, as these members will change membership status (i.e., become Regular Members) over the course of their membership, with a corresponding change in fees and membership category.


Regular Members are persons who are engaged in teaching and/or research related to behavior genetics and who subscribe to the purposes of the association. Membership dues are $100 with the auto-renew feature or $120 without the auto-renew feature.


A student in good standing at a recognized college or university may apply for Associate Membership. Membership dues for this category are $70. When an Associate Member completes her/his professional degree, she/he should alert the BGA Membership Chair, Julie Grant, to change their membership status.


Retired members of the association are officially identified as Emeritus Members, after their notification to the BGA Membership Chair, Julie Grant that they have retired. Membership dues are $50 with the auto-renew feature or $70 without the auto-renew feature.