Postdoc, University of Minnesota (USA)

The Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research at the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota is seeking to hire two postdoctoral scientists to conduct research in behavioral and psychiatric genetics. Successful candidates will be in a position to conduct a wide range of genetics research on behavioral and MRI-derived measures, including large-scale genetic association studies and longstanding longitudinal twin and adoption studies spanning decades, with a focus on psychopathology, addiction, and cognition. Genetic association studies include GWAS meta-analyses of millions of participants and deep whole genome sequences on hundreds of thousands of participants.

Websites describing the various projects are here:
The positions will be supervised by Scott Vrieze as part of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research, which is directed by Dr. Vrieze in collaboration with Drs. Matt McGue, William Iacono, and Monica Luciana. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to be immersed in an exciting and productive center of behavioral and psychiatric genetics at Minnesota.
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