Associate Membership Renewal

Different membership plans for your membership category are listed below. Click “Renew Now!” to pick a plan and pay your dues.

All new and renewing members receive:

  1. Discounted registration rates at the BGA Annual Meetings;
  2. Access to the BGA membership roster;
  3. On-line access to the journal Behavior Genetics;
  4. The option to pay a $30 supplement to receive hard copies of Behavior Genetics.

Regular Members and Emeritus Members have the option to sign up for the auto-renew feature for membership renewals and dues. This feature is free to members, and it allows members to have their BGA membership automatically renewed on the date that they originally paid dues/signed up for auto-renew. The credit card on file in PayPal for the member will be charged, and the member will automatically receive the early dues fee (i.e., they will never pay late fees). An email will be sent to the member each year to notify him/her of the automatic dues renewal. Please note that this feature is not available to our Associate Members, as these members will change membership status (i.e., become Regular Members) over the course of their membership, with a corresponding change in fees and membership category.


Associate Membership - 1 Year without Automatic Renewal
Membership details:

Your membership does NOT auto-renew.

Price: USD 70
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Associate Membership - 1 Year with Hard Copy of Journal without Automatic Annual Renewal
Membership details:

You will receive a hard copy of the journal Behavior Genetics. Your membership will NOT auto-renew annually.

Price: USD 100
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