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Executive Committee

BGA Past-President

Valerie Knopik

BGA President

Chandra Reynolds


BGA President-Elect & 2025 BGA Meeting Program Chair

Benjamin Neale

Tinca Polderman


J.C. (Tinca) Polderman

The BGA secretary is the principal coordinating officer for BGA activities. Please contact the secretary for general information about BGA, such as committee structure, information about future meeting sites, offers to host meetings, and suggestions for the annual business meeting agenda The BGA Office of the Secretary publishes the program for the annual meeting of BGA.



Gretchen Saunders

The BGA Treasure oversees all BGA membership applications and BGA financial transactions, including annual dues. The Treasure maintains the membership address list and the mailing list for the journal Behavior Genetics. Please direct all inquires and concerns related to membership dues and journal subscriptions to the BGA treasurer (and not the publisher).


Information Officer

Christopher Beam

The BGA Information Officer maintains the BGA website and works closely with the Secretary and Treasurer. Please direct information related to the BGA annual meeting, job vacancies/announcements, training/course opportunities, and event announcements to the Information Officer.

The Executive Committee also includes three elected Members-at-Large. One represents the general membership, one represents Associate Members, and one represents Members from outside North America. For continuity, one is elected each year.

Brad Verhulst

Member-At-Large (Regular Members)

Brad Verhulst


Member-At-Large (Associate Members)

Abdel Abdellaoui

Member-At-Large (Members Outside North America)


The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee consists of three voting members elected by the BGA membership, serving 3-year staggered terms. The IDEA committee reviews any alleged violations of the BGA conduct policy (Article XV) that are reported to the committee, investigates the issue, and determines if action by the BGA is appropriate and the content of that action.


IDEA Committee Member

Deborah Finkel

Angelica Ronald

IDEA Committee Member

Angelica Ronald


IDEA Committee Member

Kit Elam

S. Mason Garrison

IDEA Committee Member (Early Career)

S. Mason Garrison