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How do I share an announcement for a job, workshop, or other opportunity?
Fill out this form to share job openings, events like workshops or seminars, news or resources relevant to the BGA membership.

Fill out this form to share information about your behavior genetics graduate training program.
Who do I contact with questions about the organization?
Contact the BGA Secretary, Tinca Polderman, with questions about the organization.
Who do I contact with questions about dues, registration, or subscriptions to the journal Behavior Genetics?
Contact the BGA Treasurer, Jaime Derringer, with questions about dues, registration, or journal subscription.
Who do I contact with questions about the website?
Contact the BGA Information Officer, Christopher Beam, with questions about the website.
How do I apply for new membership?

Before applying for membership, please review the By-Laws and Code of Conduct.


New members must provide the name of a current member sponsoring their application (for example, a research collaborator). If you would like to apply for membership but do not know a current member, please email


New member fees are $50 per year for new student/associate members ($70 per year for renewals) and $100 per year for new regular members ($120 per year for renewals, or $100 per year with auto-renew).


To submit an application, go to the Membership menu at the top of this page and select New Member Signup, or follow this link.


How do I renew a current or expired membership?

Log in to your ClubExpress Account by clicking Member Login at the top of this page. Under the menu under your name, select Profile to access your membership information, including options to renew your membership.


If you currently have a membership with Auto-Renew turned on, you may edit your credit card on file by going to your Profile and selecting Credit Card under the More Member Options section.


If your membership includes auto-payment, your credit card will be charged a day or so after your receive the email notifying you that your membership has been auto-renewed. When your auto-payment is complete, you will receive a second email with a receipt for your dues payment, and this confirms that both steps are complete. If the second email doesn't arrive, then the credit card transaction may not have gone through. Don't worry; we have all your information saved. Please log in again to see if you still have a pending payment.

I have an auto-renew membership but I received a notice that my membership expired. What happened?
If you don't have a credit card on file in your member profile, or if your card on file has expired, your membership will not renew but you may not receive a notice that it has failed.

The auto-renewal will have generated an unpaid invoice at the discounted auto-renewal rate. You can log in to your member profile to pay the invoice and re-activate your membership at the discounted auto-renewal rate.
How do I update my member profile?
After logging in at the top right of this page, open the menu under your name, and select Profile to review and edit your information.
I'm a member but I haven't been receiving emails. How do I fix it?
First, check that you have not opted-out of receiving emails. Due to privacy regulations, when you sign up you are asked whether you would like to opt-out of emails. Unfortunately, this opts you out of ALL emails. To check this status, log in to your account at the top right of the screen, and navigate you your Member Profile. In the section labeled More Member Options, click the Privacy/Cancel/Renew link. Under Terms of Use & Privacy, make sure that 'Yes, I want to receive these emails' is selected.

If you are opted in to emails and you are a current member, you may not be receiving emails because they are being marked as spam by your service provider. You may need to include our system sender email address on a 'whitelist' or add it to your list of known contacts to ensure that emails are received. System emails are sent from the following address:
How do I register for the Annual Meeting?

Registration for BGA 2024 is being managed through the King's College London eStore. You can access registration information and purchase tickets on our conference website at Current members are eligible for discounted rates by entering a discount code, which can be viewed here (you must be logged in as a current member to view the discount code web page). Please note that you will need to create a separate password to access the KCL eStore registration site.

How do I receive the member discount on registration for the 2024 BGA meeting in London?

The registration process for the 2024 BGA meeting is slightly different from previous years as it is being handled through King’s College London (KCL) instead of our society website. Here are the steps to receive the members-only discount on conference registration:

  1. Log in to your BGA account by clicking the link at the top right of this website: The discount code is available on our website, but it is only visible when you are logged in to your BGA member account. If you have forgotten your membership username or password, click the Forgot Username/Password button to receive an email to your email address on file with your BGA username and password. This password is unique to you and is not related to the membership discount 'password' that the KCL eStore asks when completing your conference registration purchase. If you do not receive an email, contact the treasurer at to confirm which email we have on file and to change it if necessary.

  2. Find the Discount Code: Once logged in, navigate to this link on our website to find the discount code. Please note, this code is referred to as a ‘password’ in the KCL eStore purchasing system, but it is not related to your BGA account login password.

  3. Use the Discount Code at KCL: During the checkout process in the KCL eStore, you will be asked for this ‘Password’. Enter the discount code you obtained from the BGA website.

Where can I find a receipt or invoice?
Members can view receipts from previous transactions (including dues payments and registration) by navigating to their Profile and selecting an option from the Histories box.

The Transaction History option shows both paid receipts and unpaid invoices.

The Payment//Credit History option shows completed payments and refunds.
Are donations tax deductible?
The Behavior Genetics Association is a U.S. non-profit corporation under IRS 501(c)(6) with taxpayer ID (EIN) 23-725-4301. BGA does not have a VAT number.

Donations made to BGA are NOT tax deductible.
My university/company requires additional information be included on an invoice or receipt. How can I get a corrected version?
You can access invoices and receipts for membership payments and event registration through your member profile.

If required by your organization to process payment or reimbursement, you can add your own information (such as address) and/or BGA's payment address to the automatically generated invoice or receipt. When viewing the invoice or receipt in your member profile, save it as a PDF and then open it in a word processing app, such as Word. The page and text should appear as they did in the PDF version, although they should now be editable elements.

BGA's payment address is: 

Behavior Genetics Association 
603 E Daniel St
MC 716 c/o Jaime Derringer
Champaign IL 61820 US
US EIN 23-7254301
To receive reimbursement for society membership in the UK, the society must be on the HMRC list. Is BGA on the HMRC list?
We are currently in the process of approval for the HMRC list. We are aware that this issue affect many of our members. Although we do not know the timeline for HMRC approval, we will sent notice to all members as soon as we are added to the list.