Post-doc – Computational, University of California, San Diego (USA)

Postdoctoral Fellows – 3rd generation genome sequencing of autism

The Sebat laboratory at UCSD ( is developing novel approaches for the identification of risk genes for neuropsychiatric disorders, and we are initiating a genetic study to investigate how complex structural variation (SV) of the genome contributes to risk for human disease. We seek to identify novel genetic risk factors for autism by sequencing the genome using combination of long read (PacBio) and short read (Illumina) sequencing technologies.

This Postdoctoral position will lead an analysis of our complete dataset, including the characterization of complex structural and tandem repeat variation, statistical genetic analysis of the variant calls, and analysis of the functional and clinical impact of the underlying variants.

We are seeking a talented scientist with an interest in developing and applying new molecular approaches to large-scale genetic studies. Excellent programming and data analytic skills, familiarity with genome informatics tools, and a strong publication record are required. A 25% salary increase is given to postdoc appointees that are successful in obtaining a postdoctoral fellowship. Applicants should send a CV and a list of three references by email to