Postdoctoral researcher positions at the University of Minnesota

Professor Scott Vrieze and the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research are seeking postdoctoral scholars to investigate the nature, origins, and development of addiction, psychopathology, and related conditions using genetically informative designs. These include genome-wide association studies and large longitudinal twin and adoption designs.  Individuals in the position will report directly to Dr. Vrieze, and will be housed within the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota as well as the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research, led by Profs Vrieze along with Bill Iacono, Matt McGue, Sylia Wilson, Monica Luciana, and Steve Malone. Both of these institutions have a vibrant history and exciting future in the use of genetic designs to understand the nature and origins of behavior and human experience. Scholars from the US and outside the US are eligible for this position. Informal inquiries may be sent to Scott Vrieze at
The position announcement and application instructions are available here: