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Founded in 1970, the Behavior Genetics Association (BGA) is an international society. Behavior genetics has a strong tradition in twin and family study designs, and more recently gene-finding studies.

The purpose of the BGA is to promote the scientific study of the interrelationship of genetic mechanisms and behavior, both human and animal; to encourage and aid the education and training of research workers in the field of behavior genetics; and to aid in the dissemination and interpretation to the general public of knowledge concerning the interrelationship of genetics and behavior, and its implications for health and human development and education.

We welcome scientists who share our interest in the interrelationships between genes and traits/behavior, both in humans and non-human animals.

Recent Articles
Congratulations to the 2023 BGA Associate Member Awardees!

Thompson Awardee Hans Fredrik Sunde for an oral presentation entitled "Assortative mating increases genetic similarity among distant relatives: evidence from polygenic scores"

Rowe Awardee Lydia Rader for a poster presentation entitled "Working memory is genetically associated with young adult chronic pain: results from a longitudinal twin study"

Rising star awardees Madhurbain Singh for an oral presentation entitled "Harnessing the Genetic Diversity in the UK Biobank to Enhance Genomic Discovery" and Eva M. Bartsch for a poster presentation entitled "Indicators of Adiposity in Twin Children: A Highly Heritable Common Latent Factor Explains Body Mass Index, Percent Body Fat, and Waist Circumference"